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International Academic Conference in Prague 2019 (August)

Conference Program Dates
Thursday - Saturday, August 8 - 10, 2019 (Prague)

Venue (Prague)
CSVTS - Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies
Novotného lávka 5, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Economics, Management and Marketing
Education, Teaching, Learning and E-learning
Robotization, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence 
Transport, Tourism and Sport Science

*Including Guided city tour of Prague and Boat trip

Conference schedule
Conference Schedule - AC in Prague 2019

Conference proceedings
„Proceedings of AC 2019 in Prague", ISBN 978-80-88085-24-9

- National Library of the CR, EBSCO and Google books

Paper template 2019
- click here to download the conference paper template

International Academic Conference in the Czech Republic is an important international gathering of scholars, educators and PhD students. 

Conference organized by the Academic Conferences Association z.s. and Czech Technical University in Prague. 


Academic Conferences Association, z.s.
Chudenická  1059/30
Prague 10 – 10200
Czech Republic